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LakeRidge Airport

Carolina Barnstormers and Multi-Engine Flight Instruction

Mike was a captain with American Airlines for 22 years

He has been a Certified Flight Instructor for most of his flying career

Mike also has given rides from the Carolinas to Mackinac and over the Glaciers of Alaska

Notice of Change of Operations

Mike has sold his Waco and is going back to Teaching Multi-Engine Flying in his Beechcraft D95a

He is in the process of updating this Site with more details, so please stay tuned.  In the meantime go to the
Multi-Engine Flight Instruction Link for more details

(if you click on the "Mike Flying High" icon above you will see a video of Mike flying his Twin-Engine Beechcraft along with with some old videos of his Waco in flight)

A heart-felt thanks to all who flew with Mike in the past in his Waco, either here in North Carolina
or over the Mackinac Straits in Michigan.

It's been a "fun ride", but the time has come to go back to full time Flight Instruction.

"I am leaving some of the rest of this website intact for now in case you might care to reminisce a bit by perusing some of the beautiful views of our North Carolina Lakes or the great sites around Mackinac from high above."

Mike Ratty





Mike's Beechcraft at LakeRidge
Mike Flying High